On the Thursday’s Technology & UX class we were asked to OBSERVE how different person is booking a flight or restaurant using PC or mobile.


Louise’s User Experience – Flight Booking with Singapore Airlines


Name: Louise Cavanagh

Date: 13/10/16

Scenario: A flight booking on a smartphone


Louise was looking to book a return flight for 3 adults from Dublin to Melbourne, departing 2/03/17 and returning 25/03/17 with Singapore Airlines.


5 tasks performed:

  1. Google searching “Singapore Airlines”
  2. Selecting Singapore Airlines – http://www.singaporeair.com which linked trough to actual website
  3. Selecting “Search Flights”
  4. Selecting desired city, date, class type and number of the passengers and tapping “Search”
  5. Searching and selecting convenient price and date


5 problems occurred:

  1. The required dates were not available at the first search attempt, Louise had to try different dates
  2. After performing the 5th task an error had occurred: “We are unable to process your request. Please contact your local Singapore Airlines office.”
  3. Louise clicked back and selected different date – the flights are visible but the website doesn’t let her choose the flight
  4. 2nd attempt had same error result – Louise is not able to proceed with her booking


Louise UX - flight bookingLouise UX - flight booking


All five tasks were performed smoothly – Louise didn’t find any difficulties in regards selection process. The search options were clear, the comparison of prices in different dates was available and the website was easy to navigate. She was able to enjoy the user experience of the site as she went through selecting process very quick, almost without thinking.

After the 5th task, she came across an error and didn’t get to pass the booking. She wasn’t able to choose any flight. After a second attempt and the same result she gave up and wasn’t very happy that the site didn’t work on this day.


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